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Adventure Time Sketch Cards



Set of 6 brand spankin' new Adventure Time digital sketch cards!!

I am in love with this show.

From left to right, and then top to bottom: Princess Bubblegum, Finn the boy, Jake the dog, Marceline the Vampire Queen (she's a lefty on bass!), the Ice King, and everyone's favorite, Lumpy Space Princess!

EDIT! : Now featured on the Adventure Time art blog.

Sketch Cards 1

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So, I realize sketch cards are supposed to be, well, sketched. But, I wanted to jump on the sketch card phenomenon in the best way I could...with digital sketches! Left to right, top to bottom: Admiral Ackbar, Bossk, Prof Charles, Xavier, Lego Pilot Man, Head of Jango Fett, Evil Nutcracker, Ganondorf, Spider-Man, Anakin Skywalker. Don't ask the significance of this cast, because it isn't for you to know...

Sketch Cards 2

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DISCLAIMER: HITLER IS AN ASSHOLE! I'm not a fan of him in anyway. Lego Hitler here is a VILLAIN. More digital sketch cards: Evil Lego Hitler, Ben Kenobi, Raichu, Krang, Beaker, Link, Another Evil Nutcracker, Green Goblin, Ghost Yoda.

Pyromaniac Italian Mario



Road to 20K Part 1

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More sketch cards!!! From left to right: Egon Spengler, Green Ranger, Samurai Jack, Leonardo, and Batman. Childhood heroes!!!! I figured as a fun exercise for myself, and to celebrate an upcoming 20,000 pageview milestone (a big deal for us small-timers), I decided to do 20 new digital sketch cards! I'll be posting the next set of 5 for every 250 remaining pageviews (I'm actually cheating and posting the first one early). Here's the schedule:
19,250 (but I'm cheating with this one!)
Hope you guys enjoy them as much as I did doing them all!

Road to 20K Part 2

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Next set! - Link, Piccolo, God, Plo, Koon, Master Chief. Sheet 3 coming at 19,750 pageviews!



Just for fun. Got my Cintiq working again!