Art Trades

Kota and Apprentice


My half of the art trade for Sandal Crusader. AND LAST TRADE! All done =) She asked for Rahm Kota and his apprentice (her creation, not Galen Malek!). Using the source image she gave me of the apprentice, I did the best I could to figure out a scenario to have them together. I put them both in Clone armor, and stuck them in a forest. They're being tracked down by Black Sun, for some reason! I'm actually not sure if her apprentice's story takes place before or after the Clone Wars, so this was a guessed possible scenario! I tried to link the two together. I replicated the phoenix-looking tattoo on her apprentice's shoulders onto the armor of both Kota and the apprentice. I also tried to keep the color schemes for both, as if they'd dress similarly. They're both wearing similar armor/cloaks. Also, Kota's protecting an injured clone...maybe this is the reason he finds clones inferior to people! ;) Anyway, I had a lot of fun with this one. I have my own nitpicks but all in all, I really enjoyed this one, especially drawing Kota. Was a blast! I hope she digs! You can find her inking sweetness here.

Lord Zedd


Art trade for vibog-3. You can see his work here. Hope he digs! Had a lot of fun with this one. Been watching a LOT of Spectacular Spider-Man...check that show out! It heavily influenced the design.

Samurai Jack

i this technically wasn't supposed to be the next trade on the list, BUT, I AM working on the other two. I'm just putting a LOT of work into those, and wanted to do this one because A) I was inspired to and B) because I'd have a much easier time finishing this one. BUT The other two are on the way, I promise! Now, with that said, this one's a request from kawaiidchan. She originally requested an original character of hers, and then mentioned Jack as a possible trade too. I practically crapped my pants when she mentioned him! I LOOOVVVEEE Samurai Jack! So I chose that one. Next trade, we'll exchange original characters! ;) Anyway, she had a few things she wanted: 1 - Jack's hair down. 2 - Jack looking sexy. 3 - Jack looking cute. Now I'm not sure about him looking cute, but I'm pretty sure parts 1 and 2 are there. She also said he could look intense when I asked if I could go for that aspect (It IS Samurai Jack afterall). Anyway, here's the finished product. I hope she digs! Her bad-ass Link that I requested can be found here. You can check out all of kawaiidchan's work at deviantART.

Maul and Morn


More art trades! This one was a request from Nemonus. It's everybody's favorite prequel sithlord, and her own original character Morn. I tried to do a little digging on her page for some back story of the 'relationship' the two had in her fan story, and it seems like there was a little awkward tension there. I figured Tatooine would be a good setting for an awkward moment, as it's pretty barren. For some reason, it seemed like a good idea. Anyway, as with most of my trades, I made some stylistic changes for her character to fit my drawing style. I really hope she doesn't mind the minor costume adjustments! This piece was a lot of fun. Hope Nemonus digs! I also have to give a shout-out to JAVAS because I love the way he draws clouds and really wanted to try it out for this piece. Hope he doesn't mind my thievery! You can check out Nemonus' work here.

Derek Makoto


Art trade for Sakiko-Art! Not sure if this is exactly what she was expecting from me, but after doing some digging and checking out her other pictures of the character, he seemed a bit I ran with it! Really hope she likes it! You can find Sakiko-Art's work here.

Fire and Flame


The trades keep on comin'! This one is at fridayivy's request. It's her own original character Flame. I tried a Bruce Timm-type approach to this character. I don't really know anything about the character, so I thought drawing him running through some flames would be pretty cool. I rushed the background a bit, but I didn't want to take away focus from Flame anyway. Once again, like any take on an original character, I made some stylistic choices of my own to make the character's appearance work. Hope she doesn't mind the modifications I made! Truly hope she digs! You can check out her work here.



Art trade for Melissa! Hopefully she digs. Not quite crazy about the expression on his face....probably something I'm gonna go back to mess with once I finish the other trades. This was definitely an exercise for me, as I've never drawn clothes from the Victorian Era....or birds, for that matter. This was one of those things I wish I asked questions about before getting to work, because I tried really hard to study his mannerisms in the few images she has of him in her gallery. I tried to stay true to his facial features, clothing, and color palette, but obviously made some stylistic choices to convert him into my style. Hope she digs! You can find her work here. Lucien & Three of Swords © Melissa Zayas.

Cloud Strife


Well, more of a collaboration than an art trade..but it didn't take long. Honestly not sure how I feel about the hair... It didn't come as smooth as I wanted it to. May try that again. -_- Anyway, Colors by me. Inks by my good friend Steve. I really love Steve's linework. He's always got a great sense of depth and really makes his linework pop. Coloring his work was a blast! Show him some love! More art trades on the way....

Optimus Prima


Art trade for my new friend Shibamura-Prime. His character Optimus Prima! Was a good opportunity to draw women...clearly I need some help. :\ Well, more practice then! Did have fun with her. And I took some creative control and decided to remove the shoulder armor...just to make the picture a little sexier. Hope he likes it regardless!

WTF Hogan Piccolo


Art trade with Eric!